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Sweet & Savory
These sugar cookies look and taste like candy canes. Two colors of sugar cookie dough are wrapped into a cane shape. Sprinkle with a touch of pure cane sugar just before baking for an extra sparkle.
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Prep: 0:25 | Bake/Cook: 1:15
Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie

Recipe submitted by Dixie Crystals

A traditional Southern dessert packed with all of your favorite flavors! Sweet potatoes are combined with brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and topped with marshmallows and pecans to create a wonderful holiday pie. See Recipes »

Prep: 0:10 | Bake/Cook: 0:40 to 0:50
Apple Cranberry Walnut Stuffing

Recipe submitted by Dixie Crystals

Looking for a fresh twist on Thanksgiving stuffing? Look no further. This delicious apple cranberry walnut stuffing is the perfect compliment to any Thanksgiving meal. See Recipes »

Prep: 0:45 | Bake/Cook: 2:30 to 3:00
Brined Turkey with Fine Herb Butter

Recipe submitted by Chef Eddy Recipe

Brining a turkey breast results in moist and tender, fall off the bone meat. This Chef Eddy recipe has a tarragon, rosemary and sage herb butter marinade that adds a savory kick to this showcase dish. See Recipes »

Prep: 0:20 | Bake/Cook: 0:45
Peach Pecan Sausage Cornbread Stuffing

Recipe submitted by Dixie Crystals

Savory stuffing with fresh pecans, fresh peaches and pork sausage. Great side dish compliment for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or Easter. See Recipes »

Tropical Sweet Potato Casserole with Cinnamon Streusel Crunch

Recipe submitted by Dixie Crystals

The cinnamon coconut streusel mixture adds a tropical twist to the savory and sweet flavors of sweet potato casserole. See Recipes »

Prep: 0:25 | Bake/Cook: 0:07
Spicy Orzo Carrot Salad

Recipe submitted by Chef Eddy Recipe

Light and fresh, this Spicy Orzo Carrot Salad is full of flavor. See Recipes »

Prep: 0:45 | Bake/Cook: 0:55 to 1:05
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie with Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce

Recipe submitted by Chef Eddy Recipe

This decadent recipe is like three pies in one! Start with a smooth cream cheese pie, add a layer of traditional pumpkin pie and then top with a warm bourbon pecan caramel sauce (bourbon optional). You can't help but impress with this show-stopper. See Recipes »

Prep: 0:60 | Bake/Cook: 0:45
German Apple Tart

Recipe submitted by Chef Eddy Recipe

Aren't we lucky that apple season and tart season happen at the same time each Fall? Chef Eddy's German Apple Tart is densely packed with fresh apples and topped with a lightly sweet streusel topping.  See Recipes »

Prep: 1:30 | Bake/Cook: 0:40
Orange Chocolate Praline Layer Cake

Recipe submitted by Chef Eddy Recipe

Rich, chocolate cake with a hint of orange, layered in between sinful pecan praline caramel sauce and topped with chocolate ganache rosettes. See Recipes »

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